1) Ask about the product, the manufacture, and the warranty.

2) Always check companies background, licenses, and permits.

3) Ask the neighbors for referrals, it is always a good idea to buy from a company with good reputation and good customers service before and after the purchase.

4) Take your own measurements and figure out your own square footage.

5) Don't fall for discounts based on percentages. These prices have a very high mark-up.

6) Have a list of questions when you are ready to make a decision.

1) Pay attention to every detail inside and outside your home especially colors. After all, these are the things that will define your personality and taste.

2) Location of the rooms and window views.

3) Amount of sunlight during different hours of the day.

4) Style and color of your furniture.

5) Family pictures, plants and other features in the room.

6) How do you want your home to look like in the end? (contemporary, traditional, rustic, European, casual or formal.)

7) What is more important to you and your family? (privacy, comfort, safety price, functionality, or convenience.